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Self Printing Kiosk Solution

What is a Self Printing Kiosk?

A Self Printing Kiosk like its namesake, is a solution for implementing self-service print, scan and copy at a location. Think of it like a vending machine, but only for printed materials.

This solution is commonly found in co-working offices, foreign embassies, school bookshops and areas that require a simple system to serve essential photocopying and printing needs without the need for service staff.

With Archer’s Self Service Kiosk Solution, you will be able to achieve the following:

  • Provide a no-frills on-site print service for your premises
  • Earn a passive income from co-sharing of revenue from the self service kiosk

Our Self Service Kiosk Solution

DIY Print Management For Everyone

DIY Print Management For Everyone

Powerful print management for printers & MFDs

Powerful Print Management For Printers & MFDs


No Need For Expensive Manpower

Generating additional income

Revenue Sharing Model Available

Provide convenience for your own customers

Next Generation Vending Solution that accepts ApplePay / AndroidPay / Credit Cards / Ezlink / NFC payments

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