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Copier Rental

Wide range of Fuji-Xerox Copiers for rent / lease or purchase. Copier rental/leasing starts from SGD$38.00 per month with a minimum duration contract. Photocopier rental in Singapore with low copy charges. We deliver island wide and also specialise in the west side of Singapore, including Jurong Island where we have access passes. Our service also extends to offshore islands such as Pulau Bukom, we have experience transporting our photocopiers and technicians by ferry.

Wide range to cater to all needs

We have a wide range of photocopiers with monochrome and colour functionalities to suit your needs and budget. Our copier rental service is perfect for companies looking to install a machine at their engineering site offices, start-ups, mobile office, pop-up offices, events and more. Moreover, we also have experience servicing clients in the marine industry; for instance such as cruises, cargo ships and the navy. We are confident in supporting your floating office needs too.

In-house Technician Fleet

We have our own in-house technicians to service all our photocopiers. This is important because we will be able to deploy and fix issues directly without outsourcing to third parties. In other words, this gives you the peace of mind when you take up our service as you know that your machines are well taken care of.

What is copier rental like?

For copier rental, we will provide clients with their selected photocopier machine model and we will be in charge of the maintenance and servicing of the machine. Clients pay a monthly rental fee and a click charge (copy charges) based on the amount that they print. These fees will cover the consumables and maintenance of the machine. In other words, this enables our clients to have a fuss free experience in providing a printing facility for their offices.

Should I rent or lease?

If you only require a photocopier machine for 1 year, renting it would therefore be more suitable than leasing. This because most leasing contracts lasts 2 years and above. Renting is great for clients who require a shorter term photocopier machine without having to commit to unnecessary capital expenditure.

Copier rental and Covid-19

Given the changing business climate and uncertainties in company revenue during these challenging times, copier rental has become a very popular option for companies to procure a photocopier workhorse to improve their productivity while allowing them to stay lean and nimble. With the shorter term and lower upfront capital commitments, companies are able to safeguard their cashflow while still ensuring their business processes move smoothly during this period. Once the economy and business revenue improves, it is easy to switch over to alternate solutions like photocopier leasing and hire purchase to upgrade their systems.

Our copier consultants will assess your needs, machine requirements and budget to recommend the most suitable solution. Feel free to speak with us for a non-obligatory discussion.

Copier Rental

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