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Print Management Solution

What is a Print Management software?

A Print Management Software helps you expand your printer and photocopier fleet from just a computer peripheral into a supercharged cost-saving print center for your company.

With a print management software, you will be able to achieve the following:

  • Easily print from any device, anytime – across computers and printer brands
  • Print job tracking and monitoring
  • Advanced Print Security
  • Shrink carbon footprint and your bills – grouping all printers in a company together for analysis and costs breakdown.

Challenges we all face without a Print Management Software

Costs spiral out of control especially when print volumes are large
  • Users make mistake prints and incur excessive usage from reprints.
  • Instead of black and white printing, users accidentally select colour printing.
Lack of security
  • Confidential prints end up inserted in somebody else’s print queue.
  • Anyone can grab our prints while we are walking to the printer.
Stuck to the same printer brands and Multi-Function Device Makes

It is challenging to make different brands of printer and photocopiers work together.

Difficult to onboard new users to company print network

Different users carry unique personal devices. It is not straightforward to get all their devices to easily print to the company network.

Multiple print queues depending on device user prints to

Each individual printer/photocopier has a print queue. It is easy to end up with many print queues and having to pick up prints from everywhere because we are unsure where we printed to.

Our Print Management Solutions

DIY Print Management For Everyone

DIY Print Management For Everyone

Powerful print management for printers & MFDs

Powerful Print Management For Printers & MFDs


Easy Printing

Secure Printing

Responsible Printing

Featureful Scanning

BYOD Printing – no more struggling with printer drivers

Cloud Printing – Alternative to Google Cloud Print

Allows a business to pay as an operating expense, instead of capitalising equipment.

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