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Photocopiers, Printers & Plotters

Wide range of photocopier, printers and plotters

We distribute, resell and customize cutting-edge print equipment and software technologies to help enhance your customer experience. Our range of solutions cater to everyone from home users to enterprise-level business grade users. For our full range of hardware and software solutions, please see here.



Ricoh is ranked number #1 worldwide in the international Photocopier and Printer industry. They invested heavily in the software user experience. The Ricoh solution is popular with offices who require sophisticated document management solutions.

Konica Minolta is renowned for their value for money equipment and has a good balance between hardware and software services for our customers. The KM solution is popular with co-working offices who want to provide a wide range of print functions for their patrons.


Canon is well known for their robust hardware. Their equipment is well designed to perform high volume printing and photocopying. The Canon solution is great for photocopying centers and the legal industry.

fujixerox fujifilm

Fuji Xerox is a leading manufacturer of Photocopiers and Printers in the Asian Market – their products are performance workhorses, user friendly and stable. They are the pioneers in the print industry and we love working with them.



HP is one of the leading Printer manufacturers in the market. They are renowned for their hassle-free maintenance and guaranteed print quality. Their colour gamut production is one of the richest in the market, making their printers very popular in the graphic art industry.


Pantum is a new player in the print market, offering economical printer solutions without compromising on print quality. The Pantum solution is great for customers looking for low-cost printing.



HP Plotters are perfect for the engineering and graphic art industry. Their plotters produces crisp and sharp printing, essential for technical work.