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Providing an essential service for an Embassy

Providing an essential service for an Embassy

The purpose of an embassy is to assist citizens who travel to or live in the host country. Often, a lot of paperwork and administrative matters happen at the Embassies and there is a large need for printing and photocopying.

The embassy was looking for a fuss free solution which did not require additional manpower and training on their end. They also needed a solution that could accept a wide range of payments to support both local and incoming citizens.

Because of the high volume, they also require a solution coupled with regular technician servicing and maintenance.


There is a huge need for print and photocopying services at the embassy due to all the paperwork and admin processing. However, it is not feasible to open a print shop on-site just to provide this service due to space and manpower constraints.

Without an on-site print and copying service, Citizens would have to travel outside the embassy just to get a sheet or two printed, wasting considerable time in the process.

The embassy wishes to find a solution that can provide on-site photocopying and print service without having to commit to the high cost of doing so.

At a glance


Customer wanted to provide a print solution for their citizens without having to commit to opening up a print shop. 


Implemented the Archer Self Service Kiosk Solution to provide print services.


Embassy helped provide on-site print services without having to invest in expensive manpower and equipment.

I just need to photocopying my passport and visa, it is too much hassle to walk so far out just to do so.


Archer Self Print Kiosk Implementation

We implemented 3 self printing kiosks at the embassy, accepting a wide range of payments. The embassy would receive a portion of the revenue to cover electricity and basic admin costs.


Triple Win for all parties

The foreign citizens were very pleased that they no longer have to spend 45 mins walking out and back to the embassy just to submit a photocopied version of their passport.

The embassy also effectively implemented an on-site print service without having to provide any manpower nor equipment.

This was a triple win for the Embassy, her Citizens and Archer.

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