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Copier Maintenance

Fuss Free Copier Maintenance Service

Archer Copier’s photocopier maintenance program is designed to be a fuss free and hands off solution for you to maintain your photocopier and printers in good working condition for your operations. We will provide a regular full service maintenance agreement (FSMA) where we will provide consumables and service your photocopier and printer. We also offer¬†adhoc service to repair and maintain your equipment on a per case basis.

Why should you opt for Archer's Copier Maintenance Service?

You no longer have a photocopier / printer servicing contract for your equipment.

You wish to improve the performance of your current equipment with regular maintenance.

You would like to save cost and maintain your equipment with a 3rd party photocopier specialist company.

You would like a full service maintenance contract where consumables such as toner is provided, for hands free operations.

How can Archer Help?

Provide a FSMA based on click charges.

Provide consumables and their installation

Maintenance of equipment and troubleshooting issues

Technical Support

How it works

Three easy steps to your photocopier maintenance with Archer

1. Enquire For Quotation

Provide your equipment make and model, volume of print and fault codes (if any) for a quotation.

2. Select Copier Maintenance Package

Our sales team will assess and provide the photocopier maintenance package and repair costs (if any) for your confirmation.

3. Finalize

Finalize and make payment for your package and we will be able to deploy our technicians to maintain your equipment.

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    Our after-sales FSMA agreement includes:

    Free servicing

    Quarterly Maintenance


    Spare part replacement

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