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Copier Purchase

What is Copier Purchase?

Copier purchase refers to you owning your own photocopier machine and possessing all rights to it. You will get to keep the equipment for as long as you want as well as the full autonomy to decide on where, when and how to deploy your photocopier.

Owning an equipment also means that you only need to pay a finite cost to use your equipment, as opposed to the continuous month to month billing in a leasing or rental scheme in perpetuity.

Why should you opt for copier purchase?

Get to reap many benefits such as:

Finite and fixed costs of equipment ownership.

Claiming equipment under Capital Allowances

Having full autonomy over usage and deployment of equipment

Lowering overall costs of using the same equipment in the long run

How can Archer Help?

Providing an extensive catalog of photocopiers and printers to suit your needs

Delivery and installation

Maintenance of equipment and consumables

Technical Support

How it works

Six easy steps to your next photocopier purchase

1. Select Copier

Find the right photocopier that best suit your printing, photocopying, scanning and accounting needs. Our sales consultants are equipped to help assess and recommend the closest fit based on your needs and budget.

2. Select Payment Scheme

Once you have selected your suitable equipment, we will help to calculate and offer you the different finance options – whether is it to pay full in cash or to work out a hire purchase agreement.

3. Submit Finance Documents

In the event of a Hire Purchase agreement, we will obtain all the necessary finance documents from your end to submit to our financing partners to help you process the paperwork.

4. Make payment / finalize hire purchase agreement and FSMA

Upon payment / approval of the hire purchase agreement, you will proceed to sign the documents with the finance partner and a Full Service Maintenance Agreement with our company for worry free operations of your purchased equipment.

5. Copier Implementation (Delivery and Installation)

We will proceed to arrange and implement your equipment on your site – from installation, to testing, to user training and setup.

6. Upgrade of equipment

When it is time to refresh your photocopier and purchase a new unit, you have the option to trade in with us to offset the costs for a newer model.

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    Our after-sales FSMA agreement includes:

    Free servicing

    Quarterly Maintenance


    Spare part replacement

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