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Upgrading a traditional PBX system for a Fire Extinguisher Company

Our client is an SME with 35 staff, out of which 15 of them work in the office running administration, sales and operations. They are in the business of supplying fire extinguishers, compounds and equipment. They have been in operation for over 30 years and have an existing traditional PBX system on site.

As times progressed, they found that their current PBX system could no longer effectively service their telephony needs. They are looking for an IP-PBX system that could provide a lot more features such as soft-phones, site-office support, work-from-home support. Their manpower is also at a number where opting for a cloud based PBX system with a monthly subscription cost for each user can be very expensive for an SME to sustain.


Our client is very interested to transit his PBX system into an IP-PBX based one but was held back by several considerations. Having a cloud PBX was attractive as they did not have to maintain the on-site equipment, but the running costs of monthly subscription for each user was truly inhibitive as they add up with no end in sight.

There are also many IP-PBX (onsite) systems out there, but they were extremely challenging to configure, difficult to understand how it works, and not locally supported. The existing solutions out there were also very confusing, without transparent pricing models.

And of course, change is always painful. To port over from a traditional PBX system to an IP-PBX one would entail configuration set up to their company’s workflow, staff phone set up as well as training.

At a glance


Customer wanted to upgrade from a traditional PBX to an IP-PBX but was held back by cost and complications of transiting from an analogue to digital system. 


Implemented the Archer IP-Phone Solution to provide VOIP telephony capabilities.


Customer transited from an analogue PBX to an IP-PBX system smoothly and was happy with the transparent price and user friendly features that could cater to all demographics in his company.

How can we transit from a traditional PBX system into an IP-PBX one in the least painful manner?


Archer on-site IP PBX solution implementation

Being an SME ourselves and having undergone the same transition from a PBX to IP-PBX system, we truly understood the pain involved. Hence, we designed a solution with a transparent pricing model and most importantly, only implementing a technology that was user-friendly and easy to maintain for our customer.

We installed the Yeastar S50 PBX server, coupled with 15 Yealink IP-Phones and set up soft-phones for staff who need to work from outside the office.


Seamless transition to the latest IP-PBX onsite technology

Our client was very pleased at having found this onsite solution which is only a one-time cost investment instead of having to pay for a subscription for each extension (user). He was also able to have full control of his IP-PBX system, adding or removing extensions as he deem fit.

Maintenance of the server was not an issue, as the system is extremely user-friendly and they could maintain it on their own. For any issues, he can always engage Archer IT team on an adhoc basis.

Archer team had guided them on the requirements to set up the related SIP subscriptions and settings, and came down on the day of implementation to ensure smooth upgrade to the IP-PBX system. There was very minimal downtime of a few hours that was at the Telco’s end.

It was another happy customer that made our team’s day.

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