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SME 500 Award 2024

🏆 We are pleased to announce that Archer has passed all assessments and have made it to the Singapore SME 500 Award 2024! 🏆

The Singapore SME 500 Award 2024 is significant for our business as it affirms our business standards, qualities, and performance.

The Singapore SME 500 Award continues to be one of Singapore’s highly regarded business accolades that recognizes local enterprises for its business qualities, excellence, and capabilities.

The assessment is conducted by the Association of Trade and Commerce (ATC) and part of the process includes evaluating enterprises in its quantitative and qualitative aspects, including the ability to further develop the business and scale its market.

Being awarded the Singapore SME 500 Award is an achievement for us and we would like to thank our partners, colleagues and clients who have made this possible. ✨


Archer’s mission is to help empower productivity of our customers by managing their office equipment needs. We specialize in photocopier and printer rental, leasing, and sales, boasting a dedicated team of 30 in-house professionals providing robust support and customer service to meet all your print equipment needs.

About the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore)

The Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) (ATC) is a community organization that was established to congregate and represent Singapore’s businesses and entrepreneurs across major industries and trade sectors, on both local and international scale. ATC advocates actively for the interests of enterprises, focusing in the areas of development, capabilities, sustainability and community building.

For all the people across the businesses that we represent, ATC is positioned as a trusted advocate, partner and network; working with the community to develop and improve businesses, the society and people’s lives.


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