What kind of rental agreements do you have?

For our event agreements, we can offer contracts from 1 day till a few weeks depending on your needs. For standard photocopier rental agreements, we have 6 months to as long as you require. Please get in touch with us on your needs so that we may advise you.

Is there a charge for scanning?

Although some companies charge for scanning, Archer does not impose additional charges for the scanning function.

Do you service Jurong Island?

Yes, we have clients located on Jurong island and we can support and service Jurong Island offices.

How soon can I expect my copier(s) once I have decided?

If the model requested is in stock, we can even arrange for next day delivery.

Are your technicians in-house or outsourced?

We have our own in-house technicians. We are also the outsource support centers for several resellers in Singapore.

Should I get a printer or a photocopier for my office?

This depends on your needs. Generally, if you have a smaller outfit and low printing volume, it is more practical to have a printer. However, if you have a heavy printing requirement, it is more economical to get a photocopier as the printing and maintenance will be cheaper in the long run. Our photocopier consultants will be happy to recommend a suitable machine that fits your needs. Please fill up the questionnaire here.

Leasing vs Rental, what’s the difference?

When you lease the machine, at the end of the leasing period, you get to own the photocopier at a nominal fee and achieve cost savings in the long run. When you rent a machine, you do not own the machine. It will be a continuous fixed cost per month for as long as you rent.

Are used copiers and printers eligible for PIC?

Yes, they are eligible.