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Outsource IT Tech Team

Outsource IT Tech Team
IT Outsourcing Singapore. Looking for a no-frills IT tech team outsourcing company for your office needs? Just need a service provider to assist in reconfiguration of routers, network set up and troubleshooting, remote desktop set ups?

Archer is able to provide a no-frills outsource IT Tech support team specialising in the support of day to day office operation needs such as internet network setup & troubleshooting, reconfiguration of routers, printers installation & fault resolution, CCTV configuration implementing work-from-home solutions such as remote desktop.

Being in the photocopier and printer industry for many years, where we focused on the office environment, we are well aware of the essential IT services that a typical SME or branch office require.

There are many outsource IT tech team solutions out there in the market, but their scope of services is rather wide and not streamlined for the typical office needs. Why do you need to pay for Firewall maintenance as part of the IT package if you did not even have one in the first place?

Our outsource Tech Support service team is a no-frills solution focusing on the typical basic office needs to run your operations smoothly.

Call us at 67772272 today or contact us to make an inquiry on your IT Tech needs.