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Happy 2023!

Happy New Year!

It has been an intense 3 years since Covid-19 arrived at our shores; it was a humbling experience as we rode the ups and downs of the border closure, office lockdowns and safe distancing. 2022 was the year where we started opening up and life gradually became normal. We were really glad when our foreign staff could finally be reunited with their families as travel resumed.

During the time when events took a backseat, we doubled down on upgrading our customer service infrastructure with a ticketing system to better support our customers. We also invested in expanding our remote support team to meet the requirements of safe distancing while solving our customer’s printer issues.

Internally, we did an overhaul of our HR software to better manage our staff’s time scheduling, leave management, payslips and appraisals. Our team also built up a knowledge base where we can easily share knowledge across the tech team to better equip everyone for their jobs.  It is a year of system upgrades we would say.

Our focus has always been on providing value to our customers, putting their interests at heart and helping take on their print worries so that they can focus on their core businesses. We believe that this brand ethos and values will help ground us and grow the company to the next level.

We are very thankful to celebrate another year of hard work and efforts of the team. This is the first group picture that we managed to take after nearly 3 years and we can’t be more grateful to be able to do so.

Let’s all have a great 2023!

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